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Radio X Factor will return to the Nova Network to showcase the highlights from The X Factor and discuss what really happens backstage, from Tuesday 29 September at 6pm.

Nova’s Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small from Smallzy’s Surgery will host two weekly radio shows, Radio X Factor on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 7pm, and Radio X Factor The Sunday Recap from 4pm to 6pm on Sundays.

Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small said: “There’s no doubt that The X Factor is the biggest talent show brand in the world and to be asked to host the only radio show of its kind is an amazing opportunity. Australia is about to get to know some of our hottest new talent and I’m excited to be there for the ride. PS Simon Cowell… Can you call me back? Hello?”

Giving listeners an exclusive behind the scenes look at one of Australia’s most successful talent shows, The X Factor judges Dannii Minogue, Chris Isaak, James Blunt and Guy Sebastian, and this year’s contestants, will join Smallzy on Tuesday nights backstage in the Woolies Green Room. They will share their highlights, their emotions leading into the live decider and all the backstage happenings. On Sunday nights Smallzy will recap what has happened on The X Factor throughout the week ahead of the next live show on Seven Monday night.

Radio X Factor and Radio X Factor The Sunday Recap are produced in conjunction with NOVA Entertainment, FremantleMedia Australia and the Seven Network.

Season six of The X Factor, a FremantleMedia Australia production for Channel Seven, airs Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Radio X Factor will launch on Tuesday nights from 29 September at 6pm, followed by Radio X Factor The Sunday Recap on Sunday nights October 4 from 4pm.

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